HFG Top Grade "Cast Iron Kettlebell" Individual Kettlebells HFG Kettlebells is produced as a first run iron ore, not scrap, and are formed into a strong, balanced, single-piece casting with a flat wobble-free base. A clean, void-free surface and durable powder-coat finish give HFG Kettlebells an unmatched feel. Kettlebell weights at: [ 9 lbs., 13 lbs., 18 lbs., 26 lbs., 35 lbs., 44 lbs., 53 lbs., 62 lbs., 70 lbs., 80 lbs.] ] "Only the best should be in your corner"   NOTED: ONLY FOR LOCAL OAHU HAWAII PICKUP ON OAHU… FOR OAHU RESIDENCE...PURCHASE HERE ONLINE AND ‘INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER’ AND I WILL...

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