Announcing our Official Launch of our New Website

Announcing our Official Launch of our New Website

Breaking News:

 Hawaiian Fight Gear ‘HFG’ announces:

 The launch of our 5G Brand New Website today February 3, 2020! 

Now, there is a one stop central site with a unique blend of HFG apparel and gear, the latest news, blogs posts, specials, super discounts and more!

HFG started during the infant stages of MMA back in 2005 and has been supporting the mixed martial arts for 15+ years strong. 

We have been asked why did we start this company?

Hawaiian Fight Gear has been a grassroots family owned company where the number #1 priority has always been to elevate Hawaii’s martial artists, fighters, and athletes to their highest potential as the inspiration to create the diverse line of top-quality products for MMA- Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Boxing equipment and apparel for all fighters and trainers needs..

For the last fifteen years, we have voluntarily assisted MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai promotions in the State of Hawaii with providing new gloves for all fighters to use free of charge to the promoters to uphold fight regulations of the sport.

“HFG has truly been about the love of the sport and helping Hawaii grow to the next level to represent Hawaii on the bigger stages throughout the world,” says Andy Taam.

Hawaii events are important testing grounds for new and turning pro fighters.   At these events we are able to provide support, equipment and guidance with the proper safety equipment that is necessary and in accordance with fight regulations to keep the fights running smoothly.

On this journey we have been blessed to get to know Hawaii’s unique mixed martial arts ohana.  On our new website you will get to meet and learn of many of their inspirational stories.

It has been our complete honor to witness the growth of these arts and to play a part in keeping Hawaii safe for our kids and future generations.  At the core of this all, we love what we do to assist fighters, athletes, coaches, gyms, stores, and promoters in growing this art to greater heights and look forward to serving you and this great art to the best of our abilities and just keep having fun.

Visit us here often here at:

We would greatly appreciate you sharing this with friends and family.  

“Only the best should be in your corner” HFG


Andy & Heidi Taam

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