HFG 3.0 "Advance" Home Gym Package Bundle

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Introducing the Hawaiian Fight Gear 3.0 HFG Advance Home Gym:


*3.0 Squat Rack 

*3" x 3" with 11 Gauge Steel Top to Bottom

*Full Set Bumper Plates

*Olympics Barbell

*Incline Weight Bench

*Plate Holder Arms Pair


1) HFG Squat Rack made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship!

Comes with:

*Pair of Spotter Arms

*Pair of J- Hooks

*Pair of Plate Holder Arms

*Skinny / Fat Pull up Bar

1. Equipped with your choice of a Fat/Skinny or Single Pull Up
Bar, this unit delivers much of the strength and functional
versatility of a power rack.

2. It can be used for squats, bench, pull ups, clean pulls, floor
press, and more It also offers optimal north/south space.

3. Using heavy duty laser cut steel uprights and steel base tubes for reliable stability. The unit includes laser cut holes and SAE grade 5 bolt hardware The
finish is our signature black powder coat.

4. While it’s called a squat stand, it can be used much like a full
scale power rack, from bench work to pull ups, clean pulls,
floor press, and more.

Main Pipe: 75*75*2.5mm/ 3*3*0.1in
Capacity: 454
kgs /1000lbs


2) Hawaiian Fight Gear Top Grade "Bumper Plate" Full Set- 260 lbs-Black

  1. Premium rubber encased minimize noise, floor damage, and wear
    and tear on the plates themselves.
  2. Low bounce and snug fit on the bar.
  3. The center sleeve, made of stainless steel, allows smooth insertion
    of an Olympic sized bar into the plate.
  4. It’s trimmed to let it to seamlessly integrate with the bar’s shaft.
  5. Updated artwork with logo in colored on black.


Material: NR+SBR+ Stainless steel 304 Inserts
Diameter: 450MM / 17.72” (IWF Standard).
Collar Opening: 50.60 +/
0.2mm / 1.99”+/ 0.008“
Stainless Steel 
Weight Tolerance: +/
2% of claimed weight

The Best of the Best Bumper Plates:

This set has (5) Bumper Plate weights at: [ 10 lbs. X 2; 15 lbs. x 2;  25 lbs. X 2; 35 lbs. x 2;  45 lbs.  x 2]

10 plates total!


3) Hawaiian Fight Gear Highest Quality Olympic Barbell Chrome Sleeves/ Black Oxide Shaft for extreme strength and conditioning training.with our new Bumper Plates and Power Cages and Racks.

Private Label for HFG!

  • Bar Type: Men’s Barbell

    Bar Use: multi

    Bar Weight: 20kg

    Shaft Diameter: 28mm

    Knurl Marks: 1.2mm

    Knurl: standard

    Knurl Type: Dual (IPF+IWF) 6

    Center Knurl: No

    Whip: good

    Bar Length: 2200mm

    Loadable Sleeve Length: 415mm

    Shaft Coating: Black

    Sleeve Coating: Chrome

    Bearings/Bushings: 4 Needle Bearings or 4 Bronze

    Tensile Strength: 170,000 PSI

    Max Load: 1200lbs/kg


 4) The Hawaiian Fight Gear HFG Top Grade Incline Bench Press.

      Built to last the test of time and constructed;

  • Steel: 2 x 2" and 3 x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
  • 6 Adjustable Seat Settings
  • 9 Adjustable Back Pad Settings (from flat bench to 78 degrees upright)





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