Background: Military family so I've been everywhere. Born in Texas, but memories start to recollect in Ewa Beach, Hawaii where I've spent majority of my life. Currently living in Arizona, training under Trevor Lally, pursuing my dream.

Interest: Like to Scrap, Anything to get my mind thinking: Rubick's Cube, Magic tricks. Music, Piano, Ukulele. Video games, and dogs.

Fighting style: Lally style

Record: Pro: 8-1
Amateur: 13-1


Multiple time Hawaii/Arizona BJJ State champ. DestinyMMA 135lb and 125lb Champ. USA MMAF 135lb National Champ.
Ranked #2 in AZ Bantamweight
Ranked #10 AZ P4P
Ranked #12 Southwest bantamweight
Ranked #45 U.S bantamweight