HFG-Twins Suitcase Square Kick Shield

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HFG-Twins Synthetic Block Trainer is made to withstand the punishing training regiment of world-class MMA fighters. Its thick cushion is ideal for strong impacts from round kicks, push kicks, knee strikes, and overall lower body training; it can be used in conjunction with a Twins Belly Protector and Muay Thai Pad. This durable, long-lasting Synthetic Block Trainer will give you the performance and resilience that world-class competitors require. Its quality craftsmanship and rugged design are unmatched. Whatever your training goals are in Muay Thai, western boxing, MMA, or personal self-defense, Twins Synthetic Block Trainers will help you get there. HFG-Twins Fight Gear sets the standard for production quality, functional design, and visual appeal. Our Synthetic Block Trainers are made from premium synthetic leather and fine, high-density padding. Size: 24" Tall X 18" Wide X 4" Thick *******PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ACTUAL SHIPPING COST MAY BE INCREASE FROM THE SHOPPING CART AND WE WILL REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL COSTS.