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HFG Top Quality Bulgarian Bag Set: 5 kg., 10 kg., 15kg., 20kg

Add a whole new dynamic to your workout routine with the multi-faceted HFG Bulgarian Functional Training Swing Bags! These extremely handy training bags can be swung, carried, lifted, tossed, and more! Crafting an upper body AND lower body fitness routine with these bags is convenient and effective. Use the two main straps for simpler exercises, or take your grip strength to the next level with the challenging top handles.

These swing bags are approximately 30 inches in length, a great size to fit athletes both large and small.  For those looking to shake up on their aerobic and cardio routine, the smaller bags may be the best fit. More serious competitors, who are looking to make serious strength gains and maximize their weightlifting, may lean towards the heavier-weight swing bags. The handles on either side measure about 9 inches in length – which is also the length of the color straps. Each functional training swing bag comes with a one-year warranty included, free of charge. We’re confident these training bags will impress you!

1. The Bulgarian bag's shape allows for both upper and lower body
training while emphasizing grip strength.

2. Beefed up material with reinforced stitching to cope with the
toughest work outs.

3. Filled with encased sand covered with high rebound foam lining, no
dirty rags or unsafe rocks.

4. The inner sand bags have been encased 3 times before being
inserted into the foam lined bags ensuring that sand can not leak or
spill out of the bag.


Material: Outside 1000D PVC TARP rag cushioning, iron sand bag
Weight: 5,10,15,20kg
Color: black



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