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HFG Top Quality Power Bag Set: [5 kg., 10 kg., 15kg., 20kg., 25 kg., 30 kg.]

Power Bag Basics

What is a power bag? It is an exercise equipment tool usually made of canvas or leather bag filled with sand and fitted with handles on both ends and its sides. Power bags come in different sizes and varying grips to enable different usage.

Power bags can be used to enhance any workout while focusing on core stability, strength, power, endurance, and rotational movements, which can be a unique and powerful tool designed to suit diverse groups of users. Such as, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, sports teams, military personnel, as well as individuals with personal fitness goals.

Functions of Power Bag

    • Power and strength training

Power bags can be used to improve power and strength. For example, these heavy crossfit bags can be used by runners to train for explosive power needed to increase functional strength to get faster.

    • Functional fitness training

Power bags are incredible in enhancing all workouts that mimic functional movements.

    • Endurance training

Training while carrying the sand bags increases difficulty, which helps the exerciser gain more ability to endure.

    • Speed training

Power bags are a good tool for trainers who need to increase their speed. Doing speed drills while carrying the bag can really help boost your speed.

    • Improve stability and balance

The bags are unsteady and help to strengthen stabilizing muscles by creating an element of unpredictability. To hold the bag and remain in proper form, an exercise requires maintaining constant balance and remain stable, therefore engaging the stabilizing muscles.


Features of Power Bag

    • Versatile

Our power bags are great training tools that can be used to enhance any workout. It exercises multiple muscle groups and supports both dynamic and static exercises. Swing it, toss it, lift it and carry it to train for strength.

    • Highly durable

Our power bags are made with strong material with reinforced stitching to ensure they cope with the toughest workouts. They can withstand pounding and throwing. And they are built tough and fitted with strong handles to withstand any type of workout.

    • Rebound foam lining

The encased sand inside the bags is covered with rebound foam lining to provide cushion.

    • Grip variations

Our power bags give a variety of handles that enables multiple grip variations, therefore, increasing the possibility of different workouts and hence making them a great substitute for barbells and weights.

    • Leakproof

The inner sand bags are encased 3 times to prevent leakage of the sand. No matter how tough the workouts are, sand will not leak out of the bag.

    • Easy to clean

Cleaning our power bags is the last thing you should worry about since the material making them can be easily cleansed.

    • Safety

Can be dropped or thrown without causing any harm to people or damage to property, unlike other equipment such as barbells or iron weights that can be a hazard.



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