HFG-Leather Curved Thai Pad Mitt Black-White

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New! HFG "Curved Design Thai Pad Punching Mitt"   with 100% cowhide all-leather outer cover and specially designed foam padding for mitt work! This curved design is of the highest quality and allows for greater ability to absorb punches and kicks in an anatomically correct hand position for the trainer. Larger surface area helps develop precision timing and sharpens speed combinations for the boxer kickboxing and Muay Thai artist and the trainer.  Expanded training area; 9 inch width, 13 inch height. Velcro Strap hook and loop closure. Made of super dense shock absorbing foam for increased protection of the hands and wrists. Genuine all leather design. Breathable hand cover for better air circulation and kill moisture. Long-lasting and odorless material. Highest quality leather used just for this item!